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These first three sculptures are representative of several stages in the artist’s internal life that have resonated with other viewers.



Bronze / Steel


Netherworlds was designed to be reversible--a sculpture that could be turned upside down to reveal a different landscape. Wyrick was surprised by an art faculty member’s overwhelming enthusiasm for this work. She was especially pleased (and flattered) by being asked by Chunghi Choo, an internationally known artist, to swap a piece of her art for Wyrick’s sculpture. When Wyrick delivered Netherworlds to Chunghi, Wyrick especially admired an artwork at her home similar to one that Wyrick had seen in a New York museum. Chunghi insisted that that was what she would swap with Wyrick!

Under Construction  1980/1985 Bronze / Steel / Oil paint 
Cross Paths/Cross Purposes  1985 Bronze / Oil paint

Under Construction and Cross Paths / Cross Purposes are single platform pieces that encourage the viewer to “walk” within the sculptures to best experience them.


Cast bronze / Oil paints / Packing paper

Waves includes one of three doors with a vertical bar that suggests a warning not to proceed into dangerous territory. Its curtain of lightweight packing material waves with only slight air movement to signal peril.

A Personal Record (A.P.R.) 
Cast bronze / Brass

This three-part sculpture directly relates, in narrative style, to Wyrick’s creative life and her experience in community theatre.