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4 Rivers



Cast iron


4 Rivers was commissioned by the Mid-America Group in 1986 for its central office. This cast iron sculpture was based on Wyrick’s proposal in a nationwide competition. She had proposed a very large sculpture for the lobby in a Boston Back Bay terminal, based on four rivers in Boston in the
area that would have allowed people to circulate under it.

After a rigorous competition, Wyrick was one of five finalists. Unfortunately the project was instead awarded to a sculptor who was selected to do a statue of a person revered in the area. The sculptor had not competed in the competition.

Green River Mother Lode

Sign of the River Protector (diptych)


Cast bronze / Oil paint / Plexi

Green River Mother Lode and Sign of the River Protector were cast from the same mold, but were mounted on different height vertical plexi stands.

Two Rivers


Cast Everdur bronze / Oil paints

Several smaller scale pieces were made based on folding Chinese screens and that made them self-supporting, independent of pedestals. Painting bronze Rivers with a final coat of Incralac and then using oil paints expanded possibilities in this group of sculptures. Two Rivers was purchased for the executive offices of the UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Listening to the River


Cast bronze / Oil paint