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In the 1990s through 2003, Wyrick had five solo exhibitions based on the theme Listening to the River and the following text (sometimes slightly altered) was included in each of the exhibition programs:

“When we step to the banks of the river we probably will not hear the river speak directly.  A river speaks only when it encounters obstruction or when winds make waves lap its banks or when it rushes into some newfound channel.


Yet, in its silence, the river speaks to each of us by letting us hear ourselves and by allowing us to reflect and listen to that river of thought and feeling that flows deep within each of us.


The voice of my internal “river” is visual and not auditory.  My artwork speaks both of calm and of turbulence, of beauty and of threat, of contemplation and reaction.


My artwork, seen together over time, has become a river in itself -- a river whose main currents and eddies have moved forward side-by-side, though often not even seeming to be connected -- a river that seeks new outlets as it swells and joins with new streams which feed it and make it broader and stronger -- a river, which in its totality is actually my own life-in-progress.


Listening is a difficult thing to do, at best.  There is no lack of things to hear.  My hope is that listening to the river will help you pause to hear yourself.”


Some of Wyrick’s Exhibitions...

M.F.A. Candidates Art Exhibition – May 10, 1983

A1 EXH MFA Studio Art 5-10-83.jpg

The River – Time is a River without Banks – February 1987

A2 The River Program 2-15-87.jpg

Two on the River, Sherry Stoutner, Photography & Shirley Wyrick, Sculptor – May 1988

A3 EXH Two on the River 5-8-88.jpg
xA3 Exhibits-2 on River-Traveling Show.jpg
A4 EXH Two on the River postcard May 1988.jpg
A4 EXH Two on the River postcard May 1988.jpg

Arbor Gallery, Streams: Endings and Begnnings, Frederick Woodard & Shirley Wyrick:,

an Exhibition of poetry – visual arts: May 4, 1991

A4 EXH 1991 Arbor G full view all 5-4-91.jpg

Iowa Summer Rep 92, Tina Howe Festival, Listening to the River, Shirley Wyrick, Midwest Artist, June-July 1992 UI Theatre Building

A7 EXH UI Theatre Lobby Summer Rep 1992 jpg.jpg
A8 EXH UI Theatre Lobby Summer Rep 1992 - featuring SW.jpg
A9 Listening to the River Exhibtion 6-24-1992 Daily Iowan.jpg
A10 EXH UI Theatre Lobby Summer Rep 1992.jpg
A10 EXH UI Theatre Lobby Summer Rep 1992.jpg

Muscatine Art Center, Shirley Wyrick, Sculpture & Drawings & Jon Fasanelli-Cawelti, Printmaker, April-May 1993

A11 EXH Muscatine Art Ctr - Arts Beat 04-93.jpg
A12 EXH Muscatine Art Ctr Newsletter 04-93.jpg
A13 EXH Muscatine Art Ctr 04-22-93.jpg
A7 EXH Polk Cty Heritage 1994.jpg

Iowa Exhibited ’94, Polk County Heritage Society, Group Show: Shirley Wyrick: Charcoal Drawings

IMG_0986 copy.jpg

Penn Women 2011, at Englert

Penn Women 2018, US Bank

2018_06_01US Bank SW- Pen Women-1.jpg
2018_06_01US Bank SW- Pen Women-2.jpg
2018_06_01US Bank SW- Pen Women-3.jpg


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