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My love of doing two-dimensional works began in a required class of Art (for Non-Artists) in my undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa. But it was in Minneapolis where I signed up for a nighttime drawing workshop at the Minneapolis School of Art that I started to connect with the “essence” of drawing.


My “Boots” drawing drew praise from the instructor, but more importantly, in some indescribable way, I felt connected to the drawing as I was doing it and I continue to “feel connected” or “in the zone” when I am in the process of drawing.

Through several years, I have taken drawing classes at the UI and summer workshops in Minnesota that have focused on drawing, along with painting. My UI sculpture professor urged each of his students to draw seven pages of ideas for sculpture daily. Although I didn’t meet that standard, many of my sculptures and also sculptural reliefs have evolved from drawings.

One of the most valuable “assignments” I had from one of my drawing professors was to spend time in the UI Museum of Art trying to copy a particular artist’s work of my choice. And my choice was Pablo Picasso’s smaller works on paper.

To describe how drawing has impacted my later artwork and even my writing is difficult, but I have no doubt that it has!


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