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A chance discovery in 1978 was the beginning of Wyrick’s fascination in exploring and developing a wide range of drawings that she named Needle Drawings.

1978 was also the year that Wyrick’s sculpture Eighth Continent was being installed, the first showing of Parameters. Perimeters. took place, and when, on a UI Presidents Club tour in Italy, she “met” Donatello. The “Defining Moment - Donatello’s Reliefs” can be found in the section “About Shirley Wyrick.

The artist owes great thanks to Anne Wyrick, graphic designer and art teacher, for using her digital art skills to retouch and translate the many photographic scanned images of Needle Drawings into digital format.


However, before viewing the Needle Drawings shown here, it is important to know that much of a Needle Drawing's dreamlike, soft and ethereal effect depends upon light sources where the drawing is displayed. When the drawings are placed where ambient light sources change throughout the day, there are subtle changes that can’t be captured in a single photograph or scan. In addition, as the viewer’s viewpoint changes, a different aspect of the drawing often presents itself. As Anne Wyrick agrees, digital translation cannot fully capture the subtlety of a Needle Drawings and you are invited to see one in person if at all possible!

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