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Student Drawings 1970's...

B1  Face Study (Asian boy) 1974 A001.jpg
B2  Female model 1975 A002.jpg
B3  Model with beard 1975 A003.jpg
B4Face Study (Model) 1975 conte crayon A004.jpg
B5  Salvatore Meo I 1974.charcoal A005.jpg
B6  Salvatore Meo 2 1974 Charcoal A006.jpg
B8  Woman with hat 1975 charcoal A007.jpg
B7  Jim 1974 conte crayon.jpg
B9  Man in Filtered Light 1975 A008.jpg
B10  Untitled (woman under harsh light) 1973 ink wash A009.jpg
B11  Lonely Interior 1974.A010.jpg
B12 Raven 1975 charcoal A011.jpg

Wyrick immersed herself in drawing courses early in her return to Graduate work and continued to draw throughout her continuing career in art. Three of her favorite drawing instructors were Gretchen Caracas, Howard Rogovin and Joseph Patrick. She continued drawing throughout her career, sometimes from life, sometimes to develop concepts and sometimes just for the fun of it!

Drawing in general...

Joseph Patrick, one of the drawing professors, invited Wyrick to join with him and his wife Genie Hudson Patrick to draw a model in their home who they shared in paying. A long-time friendship developed between them and especially between their two young sons. Wyrick prizes this drawing of Gypsy she made during one of those sessions.

C1 Gypsy 1974 ink drwg #620.jpg

Wood sculpture...


Wyrick did not get encouragement with this early try at kinetic sculpture, but she went on to produce other mixed media sculpture. Dawn's Doorsteps was exhibited in one of her shows in Minnesota. But as she developed solid relationships with foundries, she focused on metal casting and fabrication.

A1 Kinetic sculpture 1973 wood b032.jpg



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